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  • " i recently had my one year anniversary for the opening of my business and hired in Chris to bring some color to the festivity's (i wasn't expecting more than a few children bei..."
    james paul
  • "i am pleased to inform the public of chris sneyd he is a fantastic man he arrived for our fundraiser before time and helped us to have a amazing day he is so polite courteous an..."
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Q    what do you do at a party?

        it all depends on how many people im entertaining wheather its for children or adults and how long i have to do things its realy a matter of the situation im in but generaly quite a lot 

Q     what does that mean?

A          well i normaly start with balloon sculpture then some magic and or some juggling/poi this can take up to an hour and a half or so followed maby by some ventriloquisim.

Q      is that it ?

A            well thats about as much as i can get done in a 2 hour slot but if you want i can swap things around like swap the puppet for face painting or do some party games or tell an irish legend or throw a bit of poi into the mix if you have anything you particularly want to see just ask and ill try to accomidate.

Q   are you some sort ofclown?

A       yes!

Q   why?

A        because its one of the things that i have  always wanted to be either that or an astronaught super hero

Q    you cannot be an astronaught super hero!

        thats realy more of a comment than a question hey hey look at this.

Q    what?

A            this

Q    wow how did you do that?

A         do you expect me to give away my secrets

Q    yes if you dont mind?

A        i kind of do because ive worked hard on this trick and if i tell you and you tell another person soon every one will be doing it and then it looses all the magic

Q     is it hard to do that?

A          yes and no its more persaverance than natural ability you can do anything you set your mind to and are willing to work for

Q   why proffessor sneedypoppers?

A       its a nickname that i used to hate but as i grew up it grew on me

Q   do you just make-up the faq questions and answers?

A       yes but its based on things that have been said to me at some time

Q    so why is it a bit like a conversation?

A         its a bit easier to do this way because ........

Q    because?

A         because it just is

Q     thats not much of an answer

A          thats not much of a question

Q     ok thats not much of an answer is it ?

A          this interview is over now go home to your box!